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Being bilingual may help autistic children

January 2018

Study suggests bilingualism may increase cognitive flexibility in kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)...


Opinion: Quebec fails to meet the needs of children with autism

December 2018

Stretching the education budget won't make up for health ministry's failure to deliver services to kids with autism early in their diagnosis...


La Fondation Place Coco acknowledged by AlteRGo for 10 years of inclusive service

November 2018


Understanding Families’ Experiences: Why a Diagnosis Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

November 2018

In the early 2000s, Sharon McCarry was a globe-trotting Fortune-500 marketing director working ten to 12 hours a day. When her second child, Colm, started showing developmental delays during his first year, it was the beginning of “a life that was different, in every single aspect,” she says...


Children work at their own pace under the guidance of an an ABA certified instructor

June 22. 2015

Children work at their own pace under the guidance of an an ABA certified instructor.

Coco’s Place, a preschool for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), will be introducing a special social skills program this summer run by a behaviour analyst. It will be offered five days a week…


The importance of early intervention

June 4. 2015

It’s time for a rethink of how health and social services are provided, James Hughes says.

We have all been reading a lot recently about student demonstrations, forced classroom closures and student strikes. Student activism has sought to reverse the provincial government’s “austerity” budget. Though not fully articulated, the students believe something is very wrong in Quebec and that deep reform is necessary...