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Little Red Playhouse, a school for autistic children, wins eviction reprieve

February 25, 2016

James Foster

A school for children with autism in Montreal West can stay where it is, for now.

The Little Red Playhouse, has been operating out of a small building next to Elizabeth Ballantyne Elementary School. That building is owned by the English Montreal School Board.

In 2014 the EMSB sent the school notice the building was being sold. Last week the board sent notice the school must be gone by April.

Both parties went to court, and EMSB spokesman Michael Cohen says the " Council of Commissioners have given their lawyers and Director General a mandate to reach an agreement by March 10th, with the goal of enabling the Little Red Playhouse to remain in the building they rent until June 2017".an agreement in principle was reached allowing the school to stay where it is until June 30, 2017.

The new agreement will either see the preschool purchase the building from the EMSB, or move out and find a new place to continue helping young children with autism.